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Atahualpa - Free Concrete5 Theme

Atahualpa is a light 3-column free template for concrete5 cms. Easy to read the text, it is one of the best solutions for websites having more text to be read by visitors.

inove - Free Concrete5 Theme

inove is one of the most popular themes that are available on wordpress website. It has thousands of downloads and most users rate this as excellent skin for their wordpress blog. The theme is universal - it can work for many websites, not only for blogs or personal homepages.

Cordobo Green Park 2 - Free Concrete5 Theme

Clean and clear - this is how the Cordobo Green Park 2 theme can be described in 3 words. This concrete5 free template is rather simple, but very attractive for visitors. The text can be read easily.

Oriental - Free Concrete5 Theme

The theme has been taken from wordpress site and then converted into concrete5 skin as contribution to c5 community. It's popular on wordpress, so maybe it will have some success among concrete5 users as well.

Keep it Simple - Free Concrete5 Theme

Keep It Simple 1.0 is a free, W3C-compliant, CSS-based website template by and coverted to a concrete5 theme by

Rebuild - Free Concrete5 Theme

'Rebuild' is a flexible and highly customizable theme. Most aspects of the theme can be changed through the 'Customize' feature under 'Pages and Themes' in the conrete5 dashboard. You can change the color of most of the theme elements, as well as change the typography without even touching the css files.

Unbound - Free Concrete5 Theme

Unbound 1.0 is a free, three-column, W3C-compliant, fixed-width CSS-based concrete5 theme by and

Illustrative - Free Concrete5 Theme

  Illustrative is another free concrete5 theme we'd like to contribute for the concrete5 community. The theme has animation movie style, very nice and bright.  For title in the sidebar, use h2 style. For title in the main area, use h1 style.

FreshMedia - Free Concrete5 Theme

This free concrete5 theme features a simple and clean design, has a two column layout and uses a combination of cool and muted colors.

Whitespace - Free Concrete5 Theme

Whitespace is a free minimalistic 3-column concrete5 theme by c5mix and Brian Gardner. Whitespace is distributed under a GNU General Public License, which allows you to use and modify it for any purpose (personal and commercial), under the condition that you keep the provided credit links in the footer.

Primepress - Free concrete5 Theme

Primepress is a concrete5 theme based on popular wordpress template of the same name. Currently we have implemented 2-column layout with main content area on the left and sidebar area on the right.

Shades of Blue - Free Concrete5 Theme

Shades of Blue is a nice two-column skin, which been originally designed for Wordpress by and converted into concrete5 theme by Smart Web Projects. We like its navigation and the layout in general.

Eos - Free Concerte5 Theme

Eos is another theme we converted from wordpress template. We choose it to be the next theme, because we like its modern look-and-feel. Rich gradients will make your website allow, but serious enough even for business websites. This theme is search engine friendly. Valid XHTML 1.0.

Elegant Box - Free Concrete5 Theme

Elegant Box is a popular wordpress theme by neoease. It's clean and cool.

Earthling Two - Free Concrete5 Theme

A beautiful template provided by converted to be used for Concrete5. Very customizable.

Vistalicious - Free Concrete5 Theme