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Garden - Free CSS Template

XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS 2.0 No Javascript

Simplex Portfolio - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

This is a simple, elegant template suitable for photography blogs.

Unbound - Free Concrete5 Theme

Unbound 1.0 is a free, three-column, W3C-compliant, fixed-width CSS-based concrete5 theme by and

32px Mantra - Free Icons

Format : -PNG -ICNS -ICO -iContainer

Free Paisley Wedding Invitation Set

Cute paisley invitation set, includes the invite, rsvp card and save the date.

GreenMag - Free WordPress Theme

This design is both easy to read and attractive. The background is textured with green and aqua squares fading into on aqua color. The top of the page offers a rotating image gallery. The layout is interesting to the eye and offers a unique perspective that is different than most designs available.

BizBuzz - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This Template has been made for CMS Made Simple system, but basicaly you can easily change the xHTML and CSS code for any System you wish to use.

Illustrative - Free Concrete5 Theme

  Illustrative is another free concrete5 theme we'd like to contribute for the concrete5 community. The theme has animation movie style, very nice and bright.  For title in the sidebar, use h2 style. For title in the main area, use h1 style.

Prado - Free WordPress Theme

A beatutiful, two columns theme for WordPress.

Extreme Georgia V.2 - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

  Extreme Georgia V.2 is one of most popular minimal Blogger template, and in this one is much improvements. Its template of chooice for all kind of blogs. Top menu page, share buttons included, wide post width, full customizable font and color links.

Free Birdy Twitter Icons

A nice, two colors (blue and pink) twitter bird, rss, email, and chat icon. You can use this as an icon for your blog.

Gravida - Free HTML/CSS Template

Gravida is a nice, simple, business html/css template.

Bridal Shower Card Template - Free Vector

Have a bridal shower? Need a bridal shower invite? Consider this one. Ready to print with crop marks. Just don't forget to tweak the words.

Free RSS Icons

The .zip file contains around 15 RSS icons in JPEG and high-res PNG formats. They were created with Macromedia Fireworks. I've included the Fireworks PNG file, so you can play around with them in all_fireworks.png

FreshMedia - Free Concrete5 Theme

This free concrete5 theme features a simple and clean design, has a two column layout and uses a combination of cool and muted colors.

zeta - Free WordPress Theme

A nice wordpress theme with two columns, grey and green color scheme.

Yellow Book - Free PHP Link Directory Template

This design is guaranteed to remain extremely popular with many online directories. In the ubiquitous Yellow, Black and White it is sure to be a common color scheme for your web sites visitors. Instantly recognisable as a directory this theme with its white background is appropriate for simple integration of your business logo.

Sucha - Free Blogger/Blogsot Templates

Sucha blogger template is combining a magazine and a weblog into one. It taken from WordPress theme multi columns, and Automatic post thumbnail.

Maxima - Free Wordpress Theme

This template has a very modern edge with its wide use of the page. There is an extremely large header which is very popular at the moment. The header incorporates a bold ‘Post-It” note style to-do sticky which can be used for sites with frequent updates or in fact anything you wish to highlight.

Whitespace - Free Concrete5 Theme

Whitespace is a free minimalistic 3-column concrete5 theme by c5mix and Brian Gardner. Whitespace is distributed under a GNU General Public License, which allows you to use and modify it for any purpose (personal and commercial), under the condition that you keep the provided credit links in the footer.

Serenity - Free HTML5/CSS3 template

  Serenity is a 1-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that is fully focused on an presenting images via an image slider. The template makes extensive use of jquery for both the sliding nav underline effect, as well as the image slider. 

Marina - Free WordPress Theme

Free Windows 7 Library Icons

New library icons for Windows 7. Zip includes .ico and .png.

Movie 4 You - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Movie 4 You is a nice template with header image ready, two navigation bar..

Adobe CS4 Icon Replacement: Adouble - Free Icons

Adouble is a set of replacement icons for the Adobe CS4 applications and file extensions designed by Jack Cai from Double-J Design.

Black and Blue - Free CSS Template

  XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS 2.0 No Javascript

BlackOn - Free WordPress Theme

BlackOn is a free stylish wordpress theme, that suit perfect for your personal weblog, or an iPhone blog

WhoWhatWhy - Free HTML5/CSS2 Template

WhoWhatWhy is a 1-column HTML5 and CSS2 template that’s perfect for a professional business site, with its large heading image and 3 promo blocks that really stand out.

Arialist – Free WordPress Theme

Template made by Mohd Huzairy and converted to WordPress by ThemeLab. It’s super simple with a very minimalistic design.

RS16 - Free CSS Template

XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS 2.0 No Javascript

Vive - Free WordPress Theme

Spanning - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Spanning is a free lightweight CSS template by It is a minimal and fast loading template with no images involved.

The Sapling - Free Flash Template

The Sapling site was designed to be used as a simple coming soon page. I created it as a demo to show off how easy it is to work with Warm Forest products. No Flash or programming knowledge required - everything is customized through an external XML file so you don't even need to own Flash.

ThreeColumnsBlue - Free WordPress Theme

  ThreeColumnsBlueIt’s based on the custom WordPress Theme I designed for the Dad: About the Boy blog and will give any blog a clean, stylish and very readable look.

Unbound - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This CMS template originates from and is used on this website. Templates from Styleshout are very professional and include all conventional format styles for tables, forms, lists and inline elements. Therefore they are easy to use and customize.

SimGreen - Free Blogger Template

SimGreen (shortened for Simply Green) Blogger template is for your BlogSpot blogs is clean and stylish, fit for a professional blog.

Cute Badges - Free Vectors

Set of various shaped badges in an array of colours, for your web or print projects.

RetroRocket - Free HTML5 / CSS3 template

RetroRocket is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template with side-by-side right sidebars. @font-face is used for all headings and nav links to complement the retro space design.

Undedicated 0.2 - Free WordPress Theme

Undedicated 0.2 is a free, minimal Wordpress theme developed for those who love simplicity. This elegant Wordpress theme is being distribute under GNU General Public Licence, though it uses some images distributed under other non-commercial licences as well.

Cardinal - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

Modern Clix - Free WordPress Theme

Modern Clix is a minimal blog theme inspired in the Swiss Style of Design: It features Arial/Helvetica, grids, a generous use of whitespace for better readability and a strong focus in typography.

Collection of Wedding Designs - Free Vectors

Collection of wedding inspired vectors. Includes a couple dancing.

Free iPhone 4 Mini Icons

The set is in a cute 3D style and includes 40 standard iPhone icons in different sizes (from 64 pixels to high resolution 512 pixels) and in both black and white colour schemes. Also vector source files (Adobe Illustrator CS4 version) are included in the download pack.

Invision - Free CMS Made Simple

The source is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9.23 and Firefox 2.

Aligned - Free WordPress Theme

Aligned for WordPress is based on a Habari Project theme of the same name by Thomas Silkjaer – The Undersigned. This grid-based theme is a basic version with no frills, just plug and play.

Signs of Zodiac - Free Vector

  Description: Free signs of zodiac vector Filetype: EPS

BlueGrace - Free PostNuke Theme

Features: -3 columns, -seo optimazing, -Zikula Theme -xhtml/css valid

VectorLover - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

VectorLover is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, web 2.0 design and rounded corners. Excellent layout for blogs about fashion or girls.

Ribbon - Free CMS made simple Theme

Includes a 1 coloumn layout I use for gallery-page. Note1: It has only one-level menu (not suitable really for a CSS-menu..). Note2: There is an extra content-aria in the right sidebar

Community - Free impressCMS/XOOPS theme

Community theme it has 3 columns and it was tested on XOOPS 2.3 and ICMS 1.1 final using modules such as Planet, News, Webshow, Yogurt for compatibility check.