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Blogger - Free CSS Template

Simple corporate CSS/XHTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance. The design can be easily implemented in many open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Decayed - Free Cotonti Skin

Dark, simple skin converted from Arcsin Web Templates.

Westial - Free Pluck CMS Theme

Simple style with the triple A accessibility tested, and xhtml and css approved too. Please after release it with your contents you must test the accessibility and w3c labels at all pages. There are a discriminator in code for the pages will not approved it. Theme for Pluck 4.6

Photoplus - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

A wonderful theme for photo blogger, as you can see only the photograph thumbnails are displayed on the main page. People can browse through your site with the help of labels and even that display is the same.

iNove - Free BlogEngine Theme

This theme is by first look very "simple" - but when one getting to know it better it have some very nice formatting.

Mystique - Free b2evolution Skin

A beautiful, 2 columns, dark background b2evolution skin.

Blogum - Free WordPress Theme

Blogum is a simple, grid based blog WordPress theme, designed in a modern & minimalist style. The theme has a heavy focus on your content and very clean feel. Theme supports all WordPress 3.0 features and gives you extra flexibility.

Free GNOME Desktop icons

Icons in this Pack: 309 Available Sizes: .ICO File, 32x32 px, 48x48 px, 64x64 px

Warm & Cheerful - Free Photoshop Web Template

A really nice and modern PSD web template that is perfect for business websites and blogs. Originally based on a tutorial, MosheSelding, has made a PSD file available for download at deviantArt that you can use for free on your personal/commercial projects.

Bluelikewater - Free CSS Template

Use this W3C compliant, tableless, CSS-template as you like but keep the link to in the footer. Even commercial use is fine.

Gears and Wood - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

The Gears and Wood theme for Blogger is an elegant Victorian/steampunk design with brass gears and nameplates on a wooden background.

Metal - Free WolfCMS Theme

Fixed width, two-column layout. Available in four colours.

Ocular Professor - Free WordPress Theme

Ocular Professor is a photoblogging theme for WordPress that features large images, gallery support, and threaded comments.

Web 2.0rigami - Free Icons

Red Calla Lilies - Free Vector

Pretty calla lilies, in deep deep red. Great for invitations or stationery.

Simplo - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

A beatiful, pink background, 2 columns template designed by site5 and converted to blogger/blogspot by 

CarryTheLoad - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

CarryTheLoad is a 2-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that makes use of 3 mini-columns within the main content area to highlight special content.

Free Flower Shapes

TinyBlog - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

TinyBlog is a simple best template for Blogger, this a nice blue noise background and cool navigation links, where the title say above.

Business Like - Free CSS Template

Simple corporate CSS/XHTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance. The design can be easily implemented in many open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Free Phuzion icons

Available Sizes:  .ICO File, 32x32 px, 48x48 px, 64x64 px, 128x128 px, 256x256 px

Simple Folio - Free WolfCMS Theme

Fixed, 2-column layout, with different landing (home) page

my zebra - Free WordPress Theme

This is a very beautiful theme for WordPress. Theme colors : clean white, red, and black. Is the perfect solution for fashion desingers.

Bluemasters - Free PSD Web Template

Bluemasters is a very clean, modern and professional PSD web template that was designed by Wendell Fernandes and shared at Smashing Magazine in June of 2010. This PSD template has a really cool dark blue design that incorporates many great icons and gradients for a very clean-cut and modern design. It is perfect for creating business and portfolio websites

Club - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

A dark, two columns, elegant template for Blogger/Blogspot.

Doc – Free WordPress Theme

Doc is a one-column theme, with a fixed width and lots of white space. It is intended to spoil your content and to satisfy your users’ reading pleasure. Doc is minimal. I mean really minimal: it has the simplest layout and the most basic color scheme. Anyways, this simplicity only affects the design; the code is complete and the usability wasn’t neglected.

Ride Blue - Free PHP Link Directory Template

This is an extremely simple Blue template for PHP Link Directory. If you would like to customise your copy of PHPLD then this theme is a perfect spot to begin as its simplicity ensures you have plenty of opportunity for further customization.

ColorBlocks - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

ColorBlocks is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template with blocks of pastel colors throughout.

FashionNews - Free WordPress Theme

FashionNews is a free WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche.

Compressed Icons - Free Icons

This is a second version of 2 original icons I made for Vista. The file contains png and ico images for zip, rar, cab, 7z, gzip and a generic one.

my blue construction - Free WordPress Theme

This is free under construction theme for WordPress. Theme color is blue . This is a simple theme, is used if you modify something in your blog, or for anything else.

Party - Free Wallpaper

A nice, colorful wallpaper.

Notepad - Free WolfCMS Theme

Fixed width, two-column layout. Full recursive navigation; tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE7+.

Pixel This - Free CSS Template

Simple corporate CSS/XHTML template ready to meet wide range of requirements for effective on line performance. The design can be easily implemented in many open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Satoshi - Free WordPress Theme

Satoshi is a clean and minimal portfolio WordPress theme that's ideal for showcasing project work. It comes with a range of professional page templates including a custom front page, a stylish blog design, a portfolio page, and a fully functional contact form.

21 Free Colored & Modern Web Menus

Cool Looking Colored Web Menus in a single .PSD download

Jocasta - Free WordPress Theme

Jacosta is a true premium theme with an attractive design, color scheme and a 3D rotating carousal. Requires WordPress 3 to run this theme.

Indicator - Free Posterous Theme

A simple, elegant, two columns template for Posterous.

Selecta - Free WordPress Theme

Selecta's rounded edges and bold, modern color palettes make for a fresh theme that's best suited to blogs where video will be the main focus. The wider-than-usual frames around thumbnails and videos bring to mind the retro-cool of Polaroid photographs and old home movies.

Free iPhone Sketch Icons

Tired of the same realistic iPhone icons around the web? Yes, me too. So I designed a new icon set with a colored pencil style that I’m sure you will love.

Music Rasta - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Music RASTA is a blogger template that make for the rasta mania blogger. with a unique color so much as RASTA...

46 Car brand logos - Free Phostshop Shapes

Holden, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Daewoo, Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, Vauxhall, Nissan. GMC, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Land Rover, MG, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Scania, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Saab, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Skoda Auto, Suzuki, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Bently, Triump, Kia, Lotus, Jeep, Isuzu,Seat, Fiat, Citroen

Freshie Book - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Freshie Book is a beautiful blogger template. It has 3 columns and very nice layout. This template is suitable for most types of blogs.

Choice - Free CSS Template

Choice is a fully fluid, two or three column template. It also has twelve different possible color combinations. You can have a light or dark background, and then six different accent colors to choose from.

TopGame - Free WordPress Theme

TopGame is a free WordPress theme with options page. Supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche especially for games, online games or entertainment sites or blogs.

Sophistigrunge - Free CSS Template

Sophistigrunge was built on the frame of Inverted Headline tempate, but is thoroughly customized to accomplish a style.

Atahualpa - Free Concrete5 Theme

Atahualpa is a light 3-column free template for concrete5 cms. Easy to read the text, it is one of the best solutions for websites having more text to be read by visitors.

Vanadiumitic - Free WordPress Theme

Vanadiumitic WP theme has a premium design which has a featured slider to highlight your important posts. It is WordPress 3.0 compliant which is packed with a robust framework for easier backend customization – no need to touch the codes. Vanadiumitic WordPress theme comes with a featured content section, dropdown menu, subscription buttons (Twitter, Facebook and RSS), automatic thumbnail resizer, popular posts, featured posts, featured video and a lot more!

Porky - Free Font

Blueportfolio - Free Photoshop Web Template

A simple, dar photoshop web template.