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Gift Certificate - Free Word Template

Here are some exciting new and fresh Gift Certificate Templates for you. Christmas is coming up and everyone is looking for Gift Certificates online. Here is our contribution by means of these Free Gift Certificate Templates designed in MS Word so that everyone can easily download and edit it as per his/her needs. All these templates are very easy to edit and can suit any purpose your define.

Snowy Winter - Free Flash Template

Dark Red - Free Zelune Proxy Template

  Includes Free Zelune Proxy Script and PSD file for Header Graphic

20 Free Social Bookmarking Icons

Soccer Goal - Free Web Template

This website template features a soccer goal background. It is perfect for soccer teams, leagues, and fans.

Travel Planner - Free Excel Template

This travel planner has a flexible period that you can adjust with maximum of 14 days. This travel planner consist of two worksheets with explanation as follows :

Company Newsletter 8 - Free Email Template

Network Equipment Rack - Free Visio Template

 A server room floor plan showing the location of the equipment racks and location of the computer equipment in the room. Corresponding pages show a front view of the network equipment racks and the details of the computers on the racks.

Gadgetizer - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Family Reunion Invitation - Free Word Template

This Family Reunion Invitation template consists of two parts: Cover Page and the Insider for invitation body. This is very important to start your invitation with a cool look and feel while a professional quality inner body is also next to none.

Butterfly Co - Free Flash Template

A Praia - Free HTML Template

A Praia, meaning the beach in Portuguese, was inspired from a stock photo of Barra beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The design is static and can be used for just about anything.

Company newsletter 7 - Free Email Template

RedTweet - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

I would say RedTweet Blogger template is an advanced version of the GreenTweet, which features unique looking and definitely useful navigation menu, twitter update and social media section. Fully credit to original designer,

A Watch is Right - Free Flash Template

Binder Cover 2 - Free Word Template

Are you looking for some quality binder cover letters? Here it is a beautiful and colorful binder cover template that you can download to prepare your desired high quality Binders quickly and efficiently.

Quick Proxy - Free PHProxy Template

Quick Proxy is probably the coolest PHProxy theme you will ever find. It uses Javascript (to add animation), allows you to search Google, features a popular sites list, has an FAQ, About, TOS, and Privacy Policy page, has a config.php file (easy editing), is Adsense Ready, and validates as XHTML Transitional. Take a look at the live preview and click on the “popular sites” link (it’s awesome).

Military Organization Chart - Free Visio Template

 A standard organization chart. It details the commanding officers and their direct reports. In addition to the standard Orgchart information of name and title, this diagram also utilizes the addition display fields now available in Visio 2007.

Probes into the unknown - Free Flash Template

Company Newsletter 6 - Free Email Template

SHALOM*TYPO - Free WordPress Theme

Theme by David Hellmann converted to Wordpress by Sanid Jusic

Storm Alert - Free Flash Template

Investment Analysis Report - Free Visio Template

A year to date summary of the funds in the account covering account balances and performance, and comparing it to S&P 500 returns. Allowing you to visually show where each fund lies on a risk vs. return axis while at the same time showing the asset allocation in each fund, this is represented by the relative size of the purple background shape for each fund.

jQ - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

jQ - Minimalist Elegant Blogger Template is a clean Template with two columns, four widget areas, loads of jQuery functions (dynamic dropdown navigation).

Company Newsletter 5 - Free Email Template

Binder Cover 1 - Free Word Template

Are you looking for some quality binder cover letters? Here it is a beautiful and colorful binder cover template that you can download to prepare your desired high quality Binders quickly and efficiently.

Preppy - Free Glype Template

Named after the “preppy” striped background, the design has all the aspects of a complete Glype theme (SSL warning, login page, etc…). To configure the theme, edit the config.php file.

Music store - Free Web Template

Insurance Claims by State - Free Visio Template

This diagram is a map of the US with the individual states shaded to represent insurance losses for the 2006.

Refresh - Free Magento Theme

Christmas New Year Eve - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

It’s time for Christmas and New Year Eve celebration, hope our present for you, Christmas New Year Eve Blogger template can be your blog’s decoration for every single year! Thanks to original designer, .

Aero Bus - Free Flash Template

Code Green - Free HTML Template

I created this design years ago for doDesign and decided to bring it back. Called Code Green, this design is a static HTML template that could be converted into a WordPress theme or used as is. I originally created it in a contest for a coding site, but that didn’t work out, so I released it for free. It’s not one of my best designs, but someone might find it useful.

Model portfolio - Free Web Template

FCD Global - Free Joomla Template

Template Features: Joomla 1.5 native Three columns - Fixed centered width. 8 collapsible module positions. Table-less code for the content (sections, categories, articles). Template overrides also for the advanced search form and for the search module.

Business Card (Technology Consulting) - Free Word Template

Here is a great business card template fit well for technology consulting related jobs. If you are a research consultant or technology assistant then this business card template is perfect for your needs.

Nature - Free Drupal Theme

Elegance - Free WordPress Theme (Photoblog)

WordPress is much more powerful than most people think. It can power magazines, work as a CMS, and even display job offerings. It really depends how far you want to go with it. Luckily, with the help of plugins, the possibilities are endless.

Grante - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Grante Blogger template is produced with breakthrough in design and usability, while it’s still highly customizable in font color, size and type. Credit to professional designer,

Skate Show - Free Flash Template

Fireworks - Free Joomla Template

A picture of a fireworks display at night, pastel greens and browns.

Anniversary - Free PowerPoint Template

Mystique v1.5 - Free Pligg Template

Shift Schedules - Free Excel Template

Phloggin’ v1.3 - Free WordPress Theme (Photoblog)

Eco Handbag - Free Magento Theme

Just try to find me - Free Flash Template

Dark Smoke - Free Wordpress Theme

Hello Wiki - Free Blogger/Blogspot Template

Coffee House - Free Flash Template