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Free iPhone Sketch Icons

Tired of the same realistic iPhone icons around the web? Yes, me too. So I designed a new icon set with a colored pencil style that I’m sure you will love.

Free Smoog v1.4 iPhone Theme

Smoog v1.4, native theme for Winterboard on 2.0+ iphone, includes 3.0 icons (Compass, Voice Memos, ecc...) SMSbubbles, LockedScreen Arrow, Badge and some UI images.

Yellow Fasticon - Free iPhone/iPod/iPad Wallpaper

Free Phone GUI Photoshop template

With this template you’ll be able to get a real clear view of what the background will look like with the piano black top and bottom panel. You might even be able to cheekily squeeze this down into an icon.

Free vector components for mobile phones

A vast collection of components in vector format to be used for your mobile phone, iPhone prototypes.

Free iPhone UI mockups

Ultimate Free iPhone Stencil

This is the ultimate stencil for folks designing iPhone apps.

Free iPhone Wire Frames

This is a basic stencil for creating wire frames for iPhone optimized web sites. Includes standard components like form fields, buttons, dialogs, key boards, lists, loading icon, selected state.

Free iPhone Sketch

This is a stencil for quick sketching of iPhone ideas. Use the outline for printouts so you can hand sketch as well. The symbols are meant as a check list for included features in your app development.

Free iPhone 3G Stencil

Includes standard interface components for the iPhone 3G: buttons, fields, map elements, keyboards, icons... All components are on a transparent background and should re-size nicely.

iPhone - 10 Free Wallpapers

Resolution: 320×480 File Format: JPG File Size: 640KB Number of Items in Set: 10

Hope - Free iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpaper