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Organogram - Free Visio Template

Here is a simple yet comprehensive Organogram designed in MS Visio 2003. This organogram chart assists you in the office and staff management. The good news about this chart is that it is very easy to use it if you have basic level of Visio usage skills.

Value Stream Mapping - Free Visio Template

Review a value steam map for the fictional K Soda company. This diagram allows you to see at a glance the number of shifts, uptime, and inventory hours each process has.

Supply Chain Analysis - Free Visio Template

This diagram shows part of the Supply Chain of a motorcycle manufacture. This type of diagram is used to analyze the costs and time associated with shipping parts and sub assemblies between suppliers and manufactures.

Sarbanes-Oxley Pivot Diagrams - Free Visio Template

The PivotDiagram enables users to create data linked dynamic drawings.

PC Assembly Process Flow - Free Visio Template

Reviewing the four major stages of computer assembly. The diagram is in the form of a flowchart showing the parts of the PC being put together. In this case the boxes of a standard flowchart have been replaced with the detailed PC parts to show that manufacturing companies can replace the boxes with parts diagrams.

Office Space Planning - Free Visio Template

An overhead view of an office layout. Each office and cubical is shown and has detailed information on the occupant, including Office Number, Occupant, Department, Title and phone number.

Network Equipment Rack - Free Visio Template

 A server room floor plan showing the location of the equipment racks and location of the computer equipment in the room. Corresponding pages show a front view of the network equipment racks and the details of the computers on the racks.

Military Organization Chart - Free Visio Template

 A standard organization chart. It details the commanding officers and their direct reports. In addition to the standard Orgchart information of name and title, this diagram also utilizes the addition display fields now available in Visio 2007.

Investment Analysis Report - Free Visio Template

A year to date summary of the funds in the account covering account balances and performance, and comparing it to S&P 500 returns. Allowing you to visually show where each fund lies on a risk vs. return axis while at the same time showing the asset allocation in each fund, this is represented by the relative size of the purple background shape for each fund.

Insurance Claims by State - Free Visio Template

This diagram is a map of the US with the individual states shaded to represent insurance losses for the 2006.

HVAC Controls - Free Visio Template

Help Desk Flow - Free Visio Template

Fault Tree Analysis - Free Visio Template


Factory Floor Assembly Plan - Free Visio Template


Audit Process - Free Visio Template