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Sedna - HTML5 template

Sedna is a HTML5 one page website template that comes with some smooth effects.  It’s design makes for a fitting template usable for many different scenarios.  It’s coded with user-friendliness and reusability in mind, so that you can fine tune Sedna for your own project.

Designfolio - Free Web Template

This template can be used for the personal design portfolio, it contains: Four HTML file ,you can edit it easily.

Dark Night - Free HTML/CSS Template

Dark template with image slider on index page. Contains also text page sample without image slider.

K.I.S ( Keep it Simple ) - Free CSS/HTML Template

Clean lightweight two-column theme suitable for a wide range of bloggers.Sidebar widget ready. Valid CSS & HTML.

Calliope- Free Xhtml/CSS3 Template

Calliope is a Xhtml/CSS3 Template with Cu3er Slideshow included.

CarryTheLoad - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

CarryTheLoad is a 2-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that makes use of 3 mini-columns within the main content area to highlight special content.

ColorBlocks - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

ColorBlocks is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template with blocks of pastel colors throughout.

PetalSwirl - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

PetalSwirl is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template with 2 right sidebars. Great for lots of content.

BasicAndStraightforward - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

BasicAndStraightforward is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template. It has a very basic, classic design in basic colors.

ifeellucky - Free CSS/HTML Template

XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS 2.0 No Javascript

Reinvent - Free HTML/CSS Template

XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS 2.0 No Javascript

ToThePoint - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

ToThePoint is a classic 2-column style template that uses bold colors and straight lines to give it a sharp, business look, but utilizes a soft background image and border shadows to prevent it from being too boxy. Browsers that aren’t up to CSS3 standards may miss out on the border shadows, but otherwise the look remains the same.

Standout - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

  Standout is a dark, 2-column HTML5 and CSS3 template sporting a large image that stands out, plus several blocks of informational text. It also makes use of Google webfonts for the heading title.

Gravida - Free HTML/CSS Template

Gravida is a nice, simple, business html/css template.

Serenity - Free HTML5/CSS3 template

  Serenity is a 1-column HTML5 and CSS3 template that is fully focused on an presenting images via an image slider. The template makes extensive use of jquery for both the sliding nav underline effect, as well as the image slider. 

WhoWhatWhy - Free HTML5/CSS2 Template

WhoWhatWhy is a 1-column HTML5 and CSS2 template that’s perfect for a professional business site, with its large heading image and 3 promo blocks that really stand out.

RetroRocket - Free HTML5 / CSS3 template

RetroRocket is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template with side-by-side right sidebars. @font-face is used for all headings and nav links to complement the retro space design.

A CSS3 Theme - Free HTML5/CSS3 Template

The theme looks best in Safari, Chrome and Firefox because of the CSS3 which IE doesn’t like yet.

Plaid Shirt Designs - Free HTML Template

The inspiration for this design came from ColourLovers ’ awesome pattern collection. I found a nice pattern called “she sells seashells” (try saying that three times fast!), and decided to create a design around it. The result, entitled “Plaid Shirt Designs” is a simple, lightweight, and fast deisgn. Plaid Shirt Designs is coded in valid XHTML and is also Adsense ready.

A Praia - Free HTML Template

A Praia, meaning the beach in Portuguese, was inspired from a stock photo of Barra beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The design is static and can be used for just about anything.