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Juanes - Free TextPattern Template

Juanes is a very simple and clean template and creates a nice “paper” effect.

P&T - Free Textpattern theme

P&T is a very clean light-on-dark template with many personalization options.

Profilo - Free Textpattern theme

This template is great for a clean and simple company profile.

Clean and Green - Free Textpattern theme

Clean and Green is a simple Textpattern template — so simple, in fact, it takes about two minutes to install. Just overwrite the CSS file and you’re done. Yay!

Thinkr Uppr - Free Textpattern Theme

Thinkr Uppr is a blog template for the highr intellectual. It is a complete, production-ready template that is intended for blogging, but could be adapted to other applications with some work.

Aleksandr - Free TextPattern Theme

Aleksandr is a template created in the free, flexible, elegant and easy-to-use spirit of Textpattern.

LightPattern - Free TextPattern Theme

LightPattern is a minimalist template by Zoltán Dragon featuring a flickr stream and linkblog.

My Wishful Thoughts - Free Textpattern Theme

The ‘my wishful thoughts’ is a great female blog template. Besides the standard blog features it allows you to have a beautiful video blog. Additionally, it is very flexible – almost every block of content can be moved to other place or removed completely. Although it may look quite complex, it’s really simple and accessible.

Minim - Free Textpattern Theme


Roowhaline - Free TextPattern Theme