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Flavour - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

One of the first CMS templates that have been adopted for CMS Made Simple. The origin is taken from

Salt & Soap - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This CMS template is taken from It has to be modified heavily for CMS Made Simple since the origin does not dynamically expand in the height. It is a great disvantage of the templates from this resource.

TypoFolio - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

A simple minimalistic theme, using some jQuery plugins for news summary templates.

WatchThis! - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

The template is designed by You will find more free professional templates on their website that can be easily converted to CMS templates. Their templates are more suitable for business websites than for personal pages, the designs are clear and serious and can be used without limitation for commercial projects as well. Bonus! Replace the text above the content in the "Intro field" with WYISWYG editor!

Jet30 - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This template is created by The website provides very good looking and free WEB 2.0 templates. Unfortunately they are not easy to customize since a lot of formating elements do not suit into the dynamic websites and there is a pain to convert them to the cms templates.

New York Magazine - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

The template is originated from The main menu in the preview is not shown fully, it is due to the long page titles in the example content for CMS Made Simple. If you shorten the page title to one or 2 words, you will gain enough place to display more items in this CMS template.

Color Paper - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This CMS template is converted from blog template that originates from FTL Wordpress Themes. Do not be afraid of the word "Wordpress", the template here is fully adapted for CMS Made Simple.

BizBuzz - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This Template has been made for CMS Made Simple system, but basicaly you can easily change the xHTML and CSS code for any System you wish to use.

Unbound - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

This CMS template originates from and is used on this website. Templates from Styleshout are very professional and include all conventional format styles for tables, forms, lists and inline elements. Therefore they are easy to use and customize.

Cardinal - Free CMS Made Simple Theme

Invision - Free CMS Made Simple

The source is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9.23 and Firefox 2.

Ribbon - Free CMS made simple Theme

Includes a 1 coloumn layout I use for gallery-page. Note1: It has only one-level menu (not suitable really for a CSS-menu..). Note2: There is an extra content-aria in the right sidebar