Car Rental Reservations - Free Excel Template

Daily Car Rental Reservations
Follow the guidance below to use this spreadsheet :

1. Go to availability worksheet and put your car brand and number in the corresponding column. I put ten samples there. If you have more than ten cars, just continue the number and put your car information and the reservation column will be revealed automatically.
2. Put your start date reference. This start date is used for the scroll bar as its scroll start date.
3. There are two dates next to the Car Availability Period Table title to help you monitor the reservation window. 4. All reservation information in that window will be differentiated by the color. The blue color means that the car is available on that date, red color means that the car is reserved, and yellow color means the car is double booked, so you have to adjust the reservation.
5. Once you see that the car is available on customer requested date, go to Car Reservation worksheet to fill your car rental reservation information.
6. I put conditional formatting in this worksheet to notify you about the reservation date compare to today’s date. The cell color will turn into grey if the reservation date is not valid anymore.
7. You can change or add new columns in this worksheet to suit your needs.

Hourly Car Rental Reservations
The guidance on this spreadsheet is about the same with the daily car rental reservations except I add time parameter in availability worksheet. So, if you rent your car based on hour, you can use this spreadsheet to ease your business.
  Download Daily Car Rental Reservation   Download Hourly Car Rental Reservation   Demo Daily Car Rental Reservation   Demo Hourly Car Rental Reservation


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